1pad stands for one post a day. It’s my blogging project to “force” me to write at least one post every day. The idea was to improving my writing skill, cultivating my creative mind, and also to improving my language skill – both English and Bahasa Indonesia. I also believe that any blog that regularly produces post (or posts) will eventually generate traffic.

I created a tag to monitor the progress and track the result. The tag combined “1pad” and the “relevant year” of each post – since the day I started the project, e.g. for year 2013 the tag would be “1padY13” for one post a day in Y13 project. This way, the project can be consistently continued into following years.

This project has been up and running since June Y13. The biggest challenge of this project has been and always will be consistency. (LOL)

Somehow, it’s very challenging to maintain your mood up and high to consistently produce one post every day. I’m not talking about writer’s block alone. Most of the time, the challenge would be time itself – especially if you’re not a full time blogger.

At the end of the time, one must comeback to the “why” question. Why you do this, why you blog, or even why you blog everyday.


Why do I blog everyday?

Because I do want what I mentioned above.


Update #1, Feb 10, 2015

Due to problem I encountered in category setting, 1pad tags could not be mapped into categories. Therefore, “postaday” shall be used as category for “one post a day”.


Update #2, Feb 11, 2015

I’m thinking to remap the “1pad” tag to “postaday” too, starting from 1padY15 for consistency. Nevertheless, it’s not about the categories nor the tags, it’s all about the consistency of producing at least one post every day.


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