Nayya’s First Cloth Book

Cloth bookIt’s been sometime before we (me and my wife) realized that Nayya loves to play with books, magazines, tabloids, newspapers, and other paper-made material. But, books and tabloids are on top of her favorite list. However, it seems that book as food for thought has the exactly same meaning as it written for Nayya. Instead of reading the book, she loves to bite whole pages as if it were foods. Not to mention tearing the pages is one of her favorite game when playing with the book.

Tearing is nothing. But biting (and considering it can be swallowed) is another thing. Starting from our concern, we tried to find a better way to let her play with books without put her in endanger situation. (hualah :-D). Thence we found out from Nakita tabloid, a picture of mother playing with her little daugther while holding a cloth-book.

Cloth book

Playing with cloth bookThis cloth-book was bought at Borders of Hay St. Mall in Perth, Australia. I’m not sure if you can find them in Indonesia (let me know if you find one). This book was made on clothes and can be considered as “touch and feel” book. On every page there is unique animal-form made by different texture. The objective is to let the baby touch and feel the difference of each texture. It is amazing.

With this book, we can let her play without worry about things that I mentioned above.


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  1. at the first time she’s not happy with the book. There’s no “tearing apart the pages” game within this cloth book. 😀

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