telkomsel sucks

This is the second time when my Blackberry’s “GPRS” turn into “gprs”. It was Friday, the first time I had this situation. For almost 3 (three) hours my BlackBerry turned into ordinary mobile phone. And now, at 1530 LT, it happens again.

I really want to know which part of the term “Unlimited” Telkomsel does not understand. I think, I should have unlimited access time for Push Email, and I should have unlimited access time to the internet.

What is the SLA for “Unlimited”?


Author: aryadn

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One thought on “telkomsel sucks”

  1. Hai, Arya

    Sad to hear you had so many disappointment with the so called TelkomselFlash or Telkomsel. I’ve been using their services for almost 1.5 years now and had no such problems like you did, My internet connection was marvelous and it makes me happy all the way until now.

    Should check the coverage area for Telkomsel, if I may advice you. Bad handset/modem could be one of the caused of that.

    Well, that’s about all I think. Better luck next time.


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