The OOo team finally launched the 3.0.0 on October 13,2008. Unlike the predecessor version, the OOo 3.0.0 includes the OOo Aqua (native) for Intel MacOSX, which is the good news for any Mac user around the world.    

Being dissatisfied to Microsoft Office for Mac, I had to look for any Office Application replacement. I used OOo in PC before, but native OOo in Mac was not available at that time. It made me to choose NeoOffice as the alternative.     

Since OOo releasing OOo3 Beta that include OOo Aqua for Mac, I switched to OOo for testing and, thenafter, realized that testing is not the only thing I did but somehow use OOo3 Beta and its Release Candidate for daily activity, including develop monthly report and analysis. 😀
The final release of OOo 3.0.0 certainly pleased me and I believed many others whom dissatisfied to Microsoft Office for Mac around  the world. But, somehow, the OOo team misjudge how they have already become a huge competitor to Microsoft that this misjudgement lead to server error (or down?) at the day they launched the OOo 3.0.0.
Anyway, good luck to the OOo team.

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