jakarta 2012


It was 5 o’clock in the morning. I woke up slowly, realize that it’s gonna be a different day. I did not see Dina but I knew that she’s probably already having her prayer in the other room. I checked on Nayyara, she was still in bed. Her breath was so soft.

Having finished my prayer, I put my jogging shoe on. Five laps, for 45 minutes, around the cluster would begin my day. The air was fresh. The sky was clear. I saw couple families were riding bikes. They laugh, I thought one of them made a joke about the past. They knew that it’s gonna be a different day.

It was thirty minutes past six. Hot shower was great. My brown uniform was already prepared. Dina was preparing the breakfast, one medium-boiled egg and toast with a glass of chocolate milk. Nayyara has already prepared her school bag. She was already set to go to school, waiting for me to join the breakfast. When I joined her and Dina, the table was full with conversation then. Sometimes I can not hold my laughter. It was so so great. We were not in hurry any longer. Daily haste was history. No more rush hour. It’s definitely a different day.

It was seven o’clock when I drove my car to huge public car park near by MRT subway station. Yes! MRT subway station in Jakarta. Nayyara was come along with me. Her connecting transporter, her school bus, was five station away. Her teacher should be there, make sure that every children shall be save. My transit station was six station away, connecting to busway station above the subway station, my office was 5 minutes walk from the station. 65 km away, 35 minutes. 20 minutes MRT, 10 minutes busway, 5 minutes walk. NO Traffic Jam. It’s our past. IT’s the past of Jakarta.

It was 15 minutes to eight. I was already at the office.

Jakarta, could it be you?


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