how to push rss feeds to BlackBerry?

Yes, (again), Viigo ( would probably the most complete RSS solution for BlackBerry. But somehow, my goal is to find alternative method to enjoy my feeds without the need to have additional application being install into BlackBerry.

Lately, I’ve been using mobile Google Reader through BlackBerry Browser to read my RSS. By using this method, I don’t need to install additional application, but nevertheless it lack of the ability to push the RSS content directly to my BlackBerry. I still need to pull the information from the internet. 

My search was finally come to Yahoo Alerts, which, I think, was one of Yahoo Mail feature that alerts you whenever you have new mail in your mailbox. Combination of Yahoo Mail (that I have already registered into BIS package) and Yahoo Alerts ( completely give me the constant-flowing-information for RSS into my BlackBerry.

The method is quite simple. First you have to registered at least one Yahoo Mail account to BlackBerry Internet Services which enable this account to be pushed to BlackBerry handheld. Go to and sign in using the above registered account. Subscribe to any RSS Feed / Blog for your account. You’re done.

The good thing is I still don’t need to install additional application. Email account is the only requirement for this method. The Cons: email management is a key issue, especially when you subscribe to high traffic feeds/blogs, unless clutter mailbox (with hundreds of unread and read mails) is not your priority.

Now, every time the Blog or Feed has an update, Yahoo Alerts will alert me by sending an “alert” mail, with excerpt in it, which then will be pushed to my BlackBerry.


Combination of Google Reader and Yahoo Alerts will likely to be a solution for altering your BlackBerry experience. I take an example from my self, using Yahoo Alerts (for push mail) only to news feeds only (such as NYT) which enable me to have current information on news and using Google Reader for any other feeds/blogs.

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