Preview: Print multi-pages per sheet

Most of my work’s deliverables must be sent to my colleagues by email. Nevertheless, occasionally I have to print them out and make sure that every little thing is in place. Typo errors are something that I really dislike, especially when the report must go to board. 

In this case, I usually print them out in layout mode, print multi pages into single sheet. It reduces paper usage and easier to handle. But, it’s been awhile since I did not know how to do that simple thing using Preview. I stuck with one page per sheet option, which leads me to complain on how Preview handle this matter. Even worse, I did not try to, at least googling, find solution on this matter. 

Actually, the feature is already there, inside the Preview. All you have to do is select Layout option from the drop-down menu just below the Orientation. There you can select whatever number of page per sheet as you like.

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