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I’m currently using Posterous to blogging by email, that include the automatic post to my blog at WordPress. But I am really overwhelmed by the news that blogging by email is integrated within WordPress now.

So finally, the waiting is over. WordPress has finally launched new feature which enable us to blogging by email. The method is similar to Flickr’s method to upload photos using email, that each of you (that is WordPress’ user) will get a specific email address, which will be used for sending the post to WordPress. Though this is wonderful, in term of security, I really think that Posterous’ method is lot simpler.

WordPress’ blogging by email includes automatic conversion for image, video (that is YouTube link), and some other stuff. This shall be useful, but I really need to see how WordPress handle this. Is it gonna be like Posterous? We’ll see.

Detail of blogging by email can be found here. The Support is here.


Author: aryadn

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3 thoughts on “Blogging by email”

  1. wow..makasih ya…sudah berhasil deh nyobainnya…cuman masih bingung, pilih kategori di postingannya gimana caranya ya..???
    maaf ya…maaf, saya bener2 gaptek soalnya…trims.

  2. @yudhistira31
    kategori bisa menggunakan shortcodes dengan syntax sbb:

    [category x, y, z]

    hati-hati case sensitive. selain itu, kategori yang digunakan harus kategori yang sudah ada sebelumnya.

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