Brainstorm: productivity derivation from people and social networking site combination

In several occasion, human resources is the leading factor to a successful organization. Refer to Balanced ScoreCard concept, human resources and the information technology are parts of Learning and Growth perspective. Sometime the strategy map, that depends on type of the organization, shows the relation of human resources and information technology. But often, they walk side by side to support the business process – having no correlation at all.

However, with the evolve of Web 2.0 – specifically the fantastic growth of social networking site (for facebook, Indonesia is the fastest growing social-network-community in the world), I really thought that the concept of Learning and Growth is not merely indicate by people and IT but on the linkage between them. IT probably just the tools for these people to communicate, supporting and enhancing the "whatever you performance indicator – quality, cost, time" of the business process. But people, naturally, will voice their thought, with or without IT. And lately, communication between these people inside the organization has transformed into a new level where organization has no boundary (time, space, place) any longer. So, in my opinion, the communication (that is the linkage between the people and the IT) itself should be emphasized and become critical point for the organization.

It is very common nowadays to find your workers having a short-break between their work time just by communicating to the company-outsider on facebook, twitter. Checking rss feeds on the email is just another routine. Some of us might think that this might lead to the decreasing or increasing of productivity. But somehow, nobody knows what the effect would be. 

It is very common as well to have your workers communicate each other about the work on their hands, sharing idea, voice their frustration, using non-official media (meaning: non-official for your organization) within your organization. In my experience, facebook, blog, and twitter are social-networking-site application they are using.

What I'm offering to you is just a brainstorm on:
1, How do we use these people and social-networking-site combination to increase the productivity?
2. Business perspective should emphasize on the power of the these combination, but can we measure the linkage?
3. How does social-networking-site change the behavior of the people, and the business as the end point?
4. How to transform the social-networking-site into an internal-business-application? This would lead on how your people communicate within the business process?
5. Is is possible to deploy one of any social-networking-site type to be official media within the organization? How about the change management?

It is time for the organization, no matter what your businesses are, to get out of the box and see the potential that you can derive from the above brainstorm.

Author: aryadn

blogger, microblogger, professional mining engineer, metallurgist by education, interested in mobile-street photography.