Emergency evacuation: lesson learned from Jakarta earthquake

Lesson learned: Evacuate first, search for a safe zone, then tweet!

Yesterday, an earthquake (and several aftershock) hit Tasikmalaya. People in Jakarta and Bandung felt the shock as well and evacuate for their lives.

This is my message to all of you when facing an emergency evacuation: Don’t panic, evacuate as soon as possible, and DON’T TWEET OR UPDATE YOUR FACEBOOK STATUS WHILE EVACUATING.

Clearly social network has turn each and everyone of us to become a reporter of an event, a citizens journalist for the community in public domain. Sometime the report is getting into the crowd faster than mainstream, with a relative considerable accuracy. It often reach the crowd with lack of citation as well. Nevertheless, its timeless report, which I prefer to call as Just in Time report, attracts more and more people day by day. But on contrary, in an event just like yesterday quake, where many of them is trying to spread the news ASAP without considering how dangerous the situation was, tweeting or updating the facebook status was unacceptable.

I think I found one issue of social-network-addiction.

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