Traditional marketplace in Indonesia, a heaven for traditional food. It’s dying

We (I and my wife) went to nearest traditional marketplace in town this morning. It’s been 6 months or so since our last “shopping” day to this place. Nevertheless It’s still the same, with its hot air, fishy smell, crowded and wet walkway. But like any other traditional marketplace in Indonesia, it is also a place, a heaven, to find traditional food.

At first, we went there to find dry-fried coconut but end up buying some traditional food I can find there. We got out from there with plastic bags fulfilled with a pack of cheese stick, elephant’s ear cookies, cendol, and definitely salt-fish cracker which I can find only in this town and Tarakan.

For those of you who don’t familiar with Indonesian marketplace, this is truly a place to find traditional food. In some area, you can find any type of satay there. Not to mention any type of foods (we call it “jajanan pasar”) that you can’t find in a modern marketplace. Unfortunately, this type of marketplace is dying. Modern marketplace, slowly but sure, substitute traditional marketplace. This modern marketplace offers not just the same price but it offers new paradigm of shopping in a convenient way. No more wet and crowded walkway.

Anyway, when was the last time you go to traditional marketplace in your town?

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