Posterous theming: another perspective

Got a feed today, that Posterous has officially launched theme customization as new feature. This is probably not new things around bloggers. As far as I know, WordPress and Blogspot offer same feature. However, offering a feature like theme customization leads Posterous to lose its core competitive product.

Easy blogging by email! Focus on your blog content, let us do the rest.

Again, easy blogging by email is always and will be core competitive product of Posterous. This should be emphasize on the organization. Tons of features that its already generates are always to enhance the ability and experience of user (that is we, bloggers)to blog by email. Providing this one, theme customization, is bit unfocused to the initial strategy.

Now, bloggers have two things to worry: first is the content of blog, second is the look of the blog.

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