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In general, these are steps that you need to learn:
  1. Begin the process early. Sometimes you see your kids are pre-reading, the act of pretending to read but gaining interest in stories, this is definitely a start;
  2. Read for meaning. Reading always involves a purpose, in this case your kids need to understand what you read or what they read;
  3. Choose the best possible text, balancing the challenge to read and a lot of opportunities to success, even if it means to read a Harry Potter series;
  4. Set a good example. You, as parents, are their role model – you should read too;
  5. Enjoy the outcome. Ultimately, every second you spend reading with your child will make a difference. Not only will you be reinforcing good habits and comprehension skills to help them succeed, but also making amazing memories along the way.
Now, let's see where we, me and my wife, are with Nayyara.

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