@BrettMcGuire Do Indonesian people listen to the government?

Researching a blog post, please help. Does the government listen to the Indonesian people: Yes or No? Please RT

That was a tweet from @BrettMcGuire this morning. My answer was a simple yes. Yes, based on the government perspective. We might say that government does not listen to the people but read my thought and my opinion below:
  1. On a representative democracy, government is actually the people, granting the power to govern, as our representative. As part of their duty, they  listen to our input as one perspective, combine it with other perspectives, and perform what they have to do to govern. Eventually, the product covers complex perspective to enhance to quality of the people;
  2. Why do our answer is “No”? Is it because we heard the news that government does not listen? Conventional and modern media cover only this kind of news without even trying to balance it with another perspective, the government’s perspective. We are being cloud by our own perspective while denying the fact that we actually do not understand the issue in complete. I really mean the word “complete”. It took a team to evaluate the issue from different angle and different perspective. Take Information and Electronic Transaction Law and/or Film Law as good example;
  3. I really think that government is a group of remarkable people, chosen by the people. Don’t you think so?;
On contrary, I’d like to take you into another path of perspective, my point of view:

Do Indonesian people listen to the government?

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