Seeing the big picture of corruption in Indonesia: Corruption hurts the poor, not the rich

Why is corruption a problem?  We shouldn’t think of opposing corruption because we’re goody-goodies and corruption is wrong.  We fight corruption because it hurts what we most want to achieve in society. Corruption slows economic progress. Countries with more corruption have less investment, and each dollar of investment has less impact on growth.  Corruption hurts the poor, not the rich.

Excerpt from The Jakarta Post. A post by Robert Klitgaard, a University Professor at Claremont Graduate University and the author of eight books, including Controlling Corruption and High-Performance Government.

I really like the idea of doing something not because it is right or wrong but because we know how it will strengthen the mission to achieve the vision. It’s because we know how it will end therefore we eliminate all obstacles to our goal.

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One thought on “Seeing the big picture of corruption in Indonesia: Corruption hurts the poor, not the rich”

  1. It is quite right
    but do not think that corrupt case of Indonesia as like westerner perspective.
    you will get bias and lost !
    That the corruption existing here are Syndication operation, a corporation as a Cartel. among the Officers and Officials that having power and authorization.
    Bad Peoples from Public services that miss use their authorities to do White Collar Crimes. the intellectual and intelligent Crimes.
    For those Elite-criminals corruption is just a business, selling the mandate of their position or authority. In one to anyway to make money for themselves.
    Make it simple, Corruption in Indonesia is definitively a problem between Civilian peoples with the Governments and Politicians(senators=DPR). It will gonna be a Civilian War to redeem and sweeping the corruptors, And must be this way = W A R.
    Do not too complicate in discussions and talks show, It need Clash action. already too much for that. spending times, victims, cost and budgets.
    All of the rules, order, words, speech, spiritual & religions, seminars, demos, Law-systems,diplomacy etc are no ending Up. those coruptors need more antidote and shock therapeutic. they already immune and neglecting it.
    The only way is to reform, rebel an revolution. against them. with no more mercy and tolerances. It must have a CIVIL-WAR among Indonesian.
    PEOPLE POWER must awake to blow the whistle of WAR not TALKS.
    A Political wills is not enough, need ACTION in a new vision, New Rules and New Treatments. it is PEOPLES ACT … PEOPLE LAW… PEOPLE JUSTICE.

    You see that we are in seriously Morality Crisis, National Emergency Status,
    Crisis of TRUST against this Governance response and action. whatsoever.
    go get MOSI NON GRATA and do VOTE to legitimate the clash action.
    Seem that we need a strong national leader or state-men to run law-enforcement for PEOPLE JUSTICE. and not for those Crimes Coruptors.

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