Twitter is a good deal but it’s not enough. 140 characters is a challenge, especially for marketing purpose.

Having a huge adaptation in Indonesia, Twitter is a new golden boy among social-media users. Its ability to reach wider audience, compare to closed-society in Facebook, has made Twitter a preferable tool for information sharing. At the very least, it works that way for me.

However, this 140 characters limitation is actually the biggest challenge to me. There are certainly informations and thoughts which I can share within 140 characters. But most of the time the brainstorm ended up with way more than the limitation. Even if I have 150-characters-message, it’s still greater than 140 characters and I don’t like to use the shrinkage tweet feature (if the application provide one). It, somehow, distracts my audiences from the key point of messages which I’m trying to deliver because they have to interpret my messages first. And I believe they will be annoyed due to this as much as I will be.

To this matter, blog is still a preferable tool to share your thoughts, opinion, and ideas to the world. Blog also provides flexibility in term of the depth of information to be shared. But still, it doesn’t provide you with social-media accessibility as Twitter does. In this case, I have to be able to combine both advantages to gain bit detail coverage yet maintain social-media accessibility.

The idea is to write a blog post, covering the brainstorm in my mind, and push the blog post to Twitter with an URL to the original blog post. In this matter, a tweet shall act as a gateway to a blog post.

Posterous’ autopost to Twitter gives me the ability to push my blog to Twitter. The advantages of this method are including but not limited to (1) an easy way to manage both streams (because I just need to manage my blog and let the autopost take care of the rest), (2) an easy access to promote my blog post to Twitter’s wider audiences, (3) a possibility to merge blog audiences and Twitter audiences, provides you with even wider and vary audiences, and (4) focus to the content and deliver messages without any distortion and distraction.

This method, in my opinion, will benefit any person who try to promote his/her blog or even will benefit any marketing company to convey full messages to the world and get full coverage from wider audiences.

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