Indonesia, why can’t you stand behind the President and give him the best you can do to support him?

With all hassles on Century and Bibit&Chandra, public demands the President to speak his mind. So he spoke his mind on Monday. He said something, he decided something.

Why can’t you Indonesian stand behind him, support what he already said, already decided?

What’s with these analysis on his speech, protests to his speech? I’m afraid that all you want is the President to speak only what you want to hear. You don’t even have a full knowledge on what really happened. Oh, wait. What? Media has full coverage on this? And you use it as your base knowledge?

I really respect Polri who has acted quickly as a respond to what President has said. That’s what I’m talking about: just do what you got to do and do it quickly.

Give the President the best of you to support him. Afterall, you chose him to be your leader.

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