Domestic market obligation for coal producers: non-compliance leads to sanction

The government may force coal miners to cut production if they fail to supply the domestic market under a regulation that took effect Jan. 1. The government will decide by June the amount companies must aside for the domestic market next year, according to the regulation.

Excerpt from The Jakarta Globe.

Govt applies DMO regulation(?) To both coal producers and consumers. This has got me wondering. If producers produce relatively low spec quality, in term of high sulfur, and/or high ash, and/or high sodium, and/or low AFT, and/or low CV, will DMO still in effect? If so, then huge re-engineering application on old boilers are required. Still the opportunities are significant increase on national coal reserves. The 2nd fast-track of 10,000 MW power plant development is the key to manage such low-rank coal to be able to be consumed by new design of coal power plants. I hope.

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