Resume, quantifying the accomplishment, strategy development, and strategy execution

One of the worst things you can do on a resume is be vague. Don't just list your accomplishments in a general way — have the quantitative data to back it up. If you exceeded a goal, by how much did you exceed it? If you created and distributed company performance reports, how many did you do? Adding numbers concretizes your accomplishments and paints a better picture of what you actually did.

Also, make sure you are answering the "how" question. If you completed five projects this year instead of the expected four, how did you do it?

Excerpt from Lifehacker.

Key issues actually how you develop yourself Key Performance Indicator(s) and setting up target for each KPI. Many people tends to directly think what indicator describe their performance instead of developing strategy map of their work first. Strategy map is actually a map that leads to your goal by linking your objectives. However keys success of strategy does not lie within strategy development. It lies within strategy execution.

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