Facebook and Twitter in Indonesia: where does everyone go?

Mashable posted an interesting topic on how Twitter maintains its growing. Statistic shows that Twitter users are now send out more than 50 million tweets per day. I understand that this is global number, but I'm very curious about specific number from certain country, in this matter Indonesia. I wrote once about how Twitter's visit from Indonesia is skyrocketing and how easy Indonesian user to deliver specific issue about Indonesia to become trending topic. Do Indonesian users still maintain its visit to Twitter? Are Indonesian users still worth to see as leading market share, especially in Twitter?

Google Trends is able to deliver what I want. On contrary, facebook and twitter site visits is declining. On the other hand, I can feel (I know that it's not data-speaking) that the usage is keep growing each day. But the characteristic of Indonesian users are mobile users, that include facebook visit and twitter visit. They use specific application within their mobile to visit facebook and twitter. In this matter, the question is "Does Google Trends include this kind of visit?"

What do you think?

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