Do engineers still want to be mud doctor?

Most of people I know, especially people who get involve in human resources management, would agree with me that human is one of key factor to run the business process. Some organizations even treat human resources as assets to generate value added through out the organization. Nevertheless, what I'm about to ask is bit specific:

What kind of people that enable to run the business process and generate added value for the organization?

Engineers, no matter what business are you in, hold key role in organization. They understand the process. They were taught to analyze problem and come up with alternatives to solve the problem. Like it or not, their mind has already been aligned with solution orientation. However, to run the business process effectively, the organization need to have engineers who value "dirt" and "mud". They need to get involved directly into daily operational activities, especially during the first five years of their work experience. They need to get, as much as they can, detail of daily operational activities. Forget about work hour, forget about who's playing what. It's time to absorb. This will eventually become their assets (as in experience) during work behind the desk, such as mine planning, cost and project estimator, etc.

And, that's the most critical problem facing mining organization, not just in Indonesia but in Australia as well. Engineers tend to love work behind the desk. They don't love doing their work in mine site any longer. "Dirt" and "mud" is big challenge to overcome with. Within two or three years, they consider themselves having enough time to be in operation stage and insist on having any kind of work behind the desk. Yet, during assessment, they are lack of skill to be able to work behind the desk. One thing for sure, their determination is highly considerable.

Again, do engineers still want to be mud doctor?

Author: aryadn

blogger, microblogger, professional mining engineer, metallurgist by education, interested in mobile-street photography.