Will Google Docs be a hit in Indonesia? Sadly, I do not think so

Microsoft has finally released its long-awaited updated to 2007 version: Microsoft Office 2010 – though it's been a lengthy phase of beta-testing. Nevertheless, Google, from just around the corner – via its official blog, is openly promoting Google Docs as the alternative upgrade for Microsoft Office.

upgrade means what it’s supposed to mean: effortless, affordable, and delivering a remarkable increase in employee productivity

Excerpt from Official Google Enterprise Blog 

Office application is probably the application we use most in daily activities, other than browser. Alternatives that user have are (1) Microsoft Office – no matter what version we are currently using, (2) OpenOffice.org, (3) iWork, (4) Google Docs. There are tons of other office productivity suites out there, but i'm highlighting applications that most users use.

OpenOffice.org, I think, is the most cross-platform interoperability. You can have them in Windows, Mac, and Linux – same standard, while Microsoft Office and iWork is a limited cross-platform application. Even iWork (as an application) works only in Mac OS X. Google Docs is actually a native challenge to those above office application. It works on all platform as long as it has browser. 

However, I really think that Google Docs won't be a hit in Indonesia, especially to replace Microsoft Office which currently, I believe, is the number one office application being used in most corporate level.

  1. Mindset! Change management shall become BIG issue, especially in established corporation. Imagine 500 to 2,000 employees, who get used to Microsoft Office, must migrate to a different application. The issue is not the learning curve but the rejection, no matter the type of the organization. I've been actively using OpenOffice.org for nearly 3 years and have been trying to migrate my staffs into OOo. At first they tried it, but then after several months the went back to MO.
  2. Google Docs requires a reliable and fast internet connection, whether to access documents or working on documents. Internet reliability and speed are major issue in Indonesia. I don't want to wait for 3 to 5 minutes just to open a document.
  3. Most of internet users in Indonesia connect to the internet from mobile access – typically from their mobile phone, and specifically – most of them are BlackBerry. This due to BlackBerry plan is quite cheap in Indonesia. Sadly, Google Docs' documents cannot be edited from BlackBerry. That's a BIG fail for Indonesian users.
Anyway, I'm glad that Google Docs is finally in "war" with Microsoft Office. But for me,  OpenOffice.org is still best alternative!

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