there’s no such thing as too late to get out of your comfort zone, even if you’re 48 years old

This is a simple video about complex human behavior on a specific event: Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent. Camera crew have done great job by capturing all moments especially how audiences react to different events. 

First of all, there is Susan Boyle, a 48 years old Scottish as central character, about to get out of her comfort zone of living the live with her cat to become an international singer. Yet, she did not know how to "sell" herself to convince juries and, definitely, audiences and YOU. I did not think she knew that people tend to define and judge other people from their first appearance.

Second, there are juries, unconvinced and setting their mindset to a specific standard about how to be (not become) a superstar..

Finally, there are audiences – including you, perhaps, underestimate her. Oh, I really love how camera capture the expression of audiences at the moment Susan Boyle said that she wants to become like Elaine Page.

This is definitely a video where you can learn from. I even have already used it as a case study within my organization.

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