Removing Microsoft Silverlight on your Mac

I've been dealing with removing Microsoft Silverlight for sometime and I really think that I should write it down because there's no "easy" way to completely remove Silverlight on my Mac.

So, this is how you remove Microsoft Silverlight on your Mac – under Snow Leopard

1. Remove the Plugin in ~/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/Silverlight.plugin
2. Remove Silverlight folder in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Silverlight
3. Remove the receipts (try using Command + F, type "silverlight") in ~/var/db/receipts

That should do it.

Author: aryadn

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One thought on “Removing Microsoft Silverlight on your Mac”

  1. Selamat malam….

    Asyiikkk… bisa komen yang pertama di blog terkenal ini…

    Aku sampai hari ini belum pernah tau seperti apa silverlight.
    soale aku benci OS Windo** … :mrgreen:

    Emang fungsinya mirip kayak flash yah mas ?

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