Chinese firm to build coal-fired power plant in West Kalimantan

PT Praba Indopersada, a subsidiary of general contractor firm Praba Group of Indonesia and Chinese firm Gezhouba Group, won a bid to build state-owned electricity company PLN’s coal-fired power plant in Bengkayang, West Kalimantan. — Excerpt from The Jakarta Post

Total investment of the above 2 x 50 MW power plants would be $172 million and shall be part of second 10,000 MW scheme of power generation crash program. Power plant investment would certainly boost coal production from coal mining company, particularly in West Kalimantan area. From what I've learned, there are huge coal resources (and certainly reseves) in this area, ranging from low calorie (below 4,500 GAR) to high calorie (above 6,200 GAR), which are not yet being developed.

Author: aryadn

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