How to define a new style or template in Calc of OpenOffice

This is my note on how to define a new style or template in Calc of OpenOffice, especially v 3.3. This can be done if you want to have different-yet consistent style, other than the default one, every time creating a new spreadsheet. This can also be done if you want to have a specific column width on your new spreadsheet.

  1. Create a new document, add or modify styles, change other settings as you require
  2. File menu, choose Templates > Save
  3. Give your template a name
  4. Select a category in the Categories list (e.g. My Templates)
  5. Click OK to save the template
  6. Choose File > Templates > Organize
  7. In the Categories list, double click on the My Templates folder
  8. Right click on the template you want to use as your default template and choose Set as Default Template from the menu
  9. Click Close
I've never tried this for other app under OpenOffice, but I figured out that it would be the same.

Author: aryadn

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