Tweeting my old blogpost

I’ve been looking for native and independent app(s) without luck to recycling my old blogpost into Twitter. I have more than 1,000 blogpost currently. Looking into my blog stat, there are posts from Y11, even from Y10, which are keeping its position into top posts, which drives traffic to my blog. So, why not tweeting my old post?

Up to this moment, Tweet Old Post plugin for WordPress is the only solution to tweet randomly old blog posts – using predefine criteria. Unfortunately, it is available only for self-hosted WordPress blog.

There are native and independent apps which enable me to buffer and schedule my tweets. Bufferapp and Timely are several independent apps to handle buffering. Yet, the problem is you need to maintain the tweet – which I consider as semi-manual method of recycling my old post.

Well, worth trying, at least.


Author: aryadn

blogger, microblogger, professional mining engineer, metallurgist by education, interested in mobile-street photography.