Jakarta 2012 in a time capsule

It was seven o’clock when I drove my car to huge public car park near by MRT subway station. Yes! MRT subway station in Jakarta. Nayyara was come along with me. Her connecting transporter, her school bus, was five station away. Her teacher should be there, make sure that every children shall be save. My transit station was six station away, connecting to busway station above the subway station, my office was 5 minutes walk from the station. 65 km away, 35 minutes. 20 minutes MRT, 10 minutes busway, 5 minutes walk. NO Traffic Jam. It’s our past. IT’s the past of Jakarta. – Excerpt from Jakarta 2012 – my old blogpost

That’s an excerpt of my blogpost which I wrote on November 2008, nearly four years ago. That was my hope of a better Jakarta – wrote in my blog, as a time capsule. Full blogpost can be read on above link.

Unfortunately, the dream of better Jakarta – in term of traffic management and lively neighborhood – is something that hardly ever experienced by its people. Burden, tighten lips, anger, and tears have become the routine. Hardened heart is all that it built.

It’s time to put my blogpost into another time capsule.

Jakarta, could it be you?


Author: aryadn

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