How to reinstall older version of an app to your iPhone?

Once I’ve had a problem with the latest update of foursquare app on my iPhone which crashed the iPhone every time I checked on the statistics. This has forced me to delete the app and reinstalled the older version. I understand that if you download the latest update directly from your iPhone, there’s no way to roll back to and the older version because Apps Store won’t provide the older version. So, how do you roll back? Below is the trick on how you do it. As a note, I’m using iPhone 4 and Mac to do a roll back.

Option 1

  • Detele the latest update from your iPhone. That’s, by the way, by tap and hold the app until the app’s icon jiggle and then tap the “x”
  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac. Open iTunes – if in any case that your iTunes doesn’t automatically launch.
  • Select your iOS device, then click on the Application tab. Select “Sync Applications”. In your iPhone’s Applications list, the deleted app is currently deselected. Select the app and sync.
  • You’ll have your older version app back to your iPhone
  • This option will only work if you have synced your iPhone previously and HAVEN’T updated the “problem” app

If you have updated the app, then

Option 2

  • Open your iTunes, find the “problem” app and delete it
  • Check your Trash, iTunes automatically trash older version of the app. Drag and drop the older version from trash to the Applications section
  • Follow the step on Option 1

What if you have emptied the trash? Well, then you’re out of luck.

Hope it helps.

Author: aryadn

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