New features and updates on iOS6 which are less exposed and mentioned

Below are collections of my tweets on new features and updates on iOS6 which are less exposed and mentioned – as, for example, Maps.

@aryadn: Hey, you know that you can tweet directly from iOS 6 new notification.

@aryadn: There are lots of new features and improvements which werent covered at first place.

@aryadn: If you download an app, the app will have a blue ribbon called “new”.

@aryadn: I like the new Reminder.

@aryadn: I’ve just realized that the new twitter app no longer has a “tweet send” notification.

@aryadn: Well, apparently the “problem” is on iOS6, not twitter. Rolled back my twitter app, still no tweet send notification on top of menu bar.

@aryadn: There’s an update to user interface color for phone app in iOS6. It’s white/grey now instead of black/grey.

@aryadn: Youtube app is definitely gone in iOS6. You can have youtube’s own app as the alternative. You can use Safari though. If you don’t want it.

@aryadn: There are, at least, 3 new wallpaper pictures in iOS6.

@aryadn: There’s a change in bottom bar color of camera app in iOS6. It’s black/grey now instead of white/grey. I like the new one.

@aryadn: Passbook in iOS6: i don’t think this will be useful in Indonesia.

@aryadn: You don’t need to enter your password if you want to update or redownload any app you previously had from App Store in iOS6.

@aryadn: App Store in iOS6 won’t automatically quit to reveal where it would be put in home screen when you download an app.

@aryadn: There are several group changes under Settings in iOS6. You just need a little time to get things done here.

@aryadn: It seems that everything is so sluggish in iOS6. A drawback to its beautifully crafted UI?

Oh, top menu bar is consistently updated system wide into bluish theme.

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