How to reclaim your precious iOS’s memory space

Memory space is precious, especially for every iOS device due to its inability to add external memory. Currently I have three devices, two 16GB devices and one 32GB device. I watched closely the memory usage on my 16GB devices and occasionally on 32GB one. So, if you are like me, ever notice that you are, at most of time, running low on free space? It seems that all apps are taking a lot of space than they should be. Even if you’re rarely using the app but its documents and data is taking up your precious memory.

To check how much memory each app uses, you can go to Settings > General > Usage. Tap each app if you want to check how much memory it uses for documents and data.

Documents and Data can actually getting bigger and consume your memory, since it’s where cache and offline data be. Some apps can take up over than hundreds MB of space for cached and offline data. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t give us any easy nor best practice to clean it up. Nor any third party app developer engage in a best practice of making it possible to delete cached space in the app itself.

There are several ways, that I know, to reclaim back your precious memory space. For this post, I will only describe two methods which I consider easy.

Method one doesn’t need any additional app nor laptop: just delete and reinstall the app. It will certainly delete those cached documents and data. It is easy. It’s not a good solution though, since you will need to enter your settings and preferences over and over again. But again, this method is easy and practical especially if you’re away from your laptop.

Method two needs an additional app on your laptop: PhoneClean. PhoneClean is a freeware app for Windows and Mac, made up to free up memory space on your iOS devices. Just connect you iOS device and fire up PhoneClean. It will scan your device for cached and offline data and you will have the option to retain or clean them. This method is a better solution but it requires a laptop to perform the task.

At the end of the day, the best method depends on your preference and situation. Both methods are applicable to reclaim your precious iOS’s memory space.


Author: aryadn

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