The biggest mystery of Harry Potter

James Potter was able to transform himself into a stag. Sirius Black could turn into a black dog. Peter Pettigrew turned into mouse. If they could become animaguses, why couldn’t Harry Potter or any of his friend become one? Why even Voldemort couldn’t be an animagus?

Harry was well known for being the right man at wrong time and place and he’s the only James’ son but he has never tempted to become an animagus.

Hermione was the brain of the group yet her curiosity didn’t lead to anything, not even close, like animagus.

Ron, whose thirst of fame, could lead into one, if he could manage it. And don’t forget Malfoy, he could be the best servant of the Dark Lord if he could become an animagus.

Voldemort? Imagine if he could become a hydra. That would be awesome.

But NO. No one has ever told to try to become an animagus or even multimagi, in those books. That is somehow a mystery to me.


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