I like my iPhone 5s

Last week I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iPhone 5s. The 4 then was given to my wife to replace her old BlackBerry. She’s happy that she can use her favorite iOS app now on the iPhone. But this post is not about that. This is about why I upgraded to iPhone 5s instead of Android, which I look forward in the near future.

One feature that I need to have is motion sensor, without sacrificing the battery. It looks like only two phones, at the moment, equipped with this: iPhone 5s and Nexus 5. I don’t like Nexus’s physical appearance. So I choose the much more elegant iPhone.

To my surprise, even though the iPhone battery is only 1560 mAh (compare to 2300 mAh), and I’ve been using all that geo-locating and motion sensing, my iPhone survived the other normal usage for the whole day starting from 6am to 8pm with 30% – 40% juice still left on the iphone. That is 60% to 70% usage only. That’s GREAT.

The iPhone might not be the best phone out there, but I like mine.


Author: aryadn

blogger, microblogger, professional mining engineer, metallurgist by education, interested in mobile-street photography.