M7 motion co-processor: why I picked iPhone 5s

Again, iPhone 5s might not be the best mobile phone out there, but the reason why I picked it in the first place was the M7 motion co-processor. I need to have a tracking widget between my office-work routine. But I don’t want to carry another gadget for sure. An app with GPS you say? Any GPS apps would certainly drain my battery if I used it on any phone. Remember, it’s office hours, so I need to have my phone with enough juice for the whole day.

My requirement was simple: a way to track my steps during the day. Office-work routine might not be as bad as I thought, since I tried to keep on walking from cubicle to cubicle or room to room. But I don’t have any idea how many steps I walked daily.

So, there’s M7 motion co-processor.

The funny thing is that M7 has not just collected sensor data from integrated accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses, it has also generated more guilt than any other fitness app that I’ve tried. At first usage (more about the M7 apps that I’ve been using on another post), I have quite shocked at how little I actually move during office-work days and how sedentary my daily routine was.

M7 has motivated me to take proactive step to start moving and walking during my office routine. 10,000 steps in a day is just reasonable. It’s a practical goal for healthy active life.


Author: aryadn

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