WordPress Confit theme personal review


I’ve been testing Confit theme for a while and tuning it up to my preferences. These are features I like under this free theme – which I don’t think have been covered in its official description:

  • The theme provides one main sidebar, focusing readers to one area for navigation. You can put all required/necessary widgets here. However, it will be best to put less than (or equal to) 7 widgets here so readers do not have to scroll way down to navigate.
  • Menu is centralised in the main sidebar. One disadvantage is that you combine menus and widgets in one area which in my opinion cluttering the sidebar.
  • Though Confit is specified for restaurants website or blog, it serves standard blog as mine very well
  • Confit is very clean, especially if you remove the background image and replace it with white colour background.
  • Even under free scheme, Confit lets you change the background colour to your liking. Under Appearance > Header you can also change to header colour to your liking.
  • It supports Featured Image. Unfortunately, Featured Image only visible when the posts are in main blog view. When you enter single post view (i.e. when you click enter the link to a specific post), Featured Image is not visible. It shows only images in the post but not the Featured Image. The only working solution is to insert both Featured Image and standard images into one single post.

I’m still not sure if I’m going to settle with this theme. Meanwhile I’m going to test Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Fifteen themes.


Author: aryadn

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