WordPress’ category shortcodes problem

As a follow up of the shortcodes problem I encountered earlier, I’ve done some tests, 15 tests exactly, to identify what the exact problem was and what the solution or work around would be.

To clarify, the shortcodes I mentioned above are category shortcodes used when you published your post to WordPress via email. You may find the detail on its Support Page – Post to WordPress by email.

After the tests, I found that the shortcodes did not work properly if the categories begun with number (or perhaps had number in its name – e.g. 1potato, 2potatoes). It looked like WordPress skipped them yet still used other category name defined inside the shortcodes. If none available, then WordPress used default category.

The only work around is to manually add those categories from WordPress site. Unless if you’re willing to change the categories name.

Unlike category shortcodes, tag shortcodes worked very well with any tag name you put inside the shortcodes.


Author: aryadn

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