How to combine two WordPress’ features: Markdown and Post by Email

I’m not a programmer nor software engineer. but as an engineer I love anything that simplify a process of doing my work on laptop or mobile phone. That’s what I called “engineering”. Producing reports and presentations consumed lots of my work time – though data evaluation has always been on top of the lists. Therefore, simplifying the process of formatting and styling was a necessity. That’s when I knew Markdown last year.

I did not know that WordPress has provided a feature to use Markdown for publishing post. It’s probably because I’ve never used WordPress’ post editor since… Wait! I didn’t even know the last time I used WordPress’ editor. So when I landed and browsed WordPress site two weeks ago, I realised that I could now use Markdown for publishing post. But, since I’ve always published my post using email, instead of using WordPress’ own post editor or WordPress’ app, one question arised:

Can I publish a post to WordPress using email in Markdown raw form?

I did several tests to answer this question. The result was bit disappointment. I could only use Markdown raw form in WordPress’ web editor.1. Though I have enabled the Markdown option, any Markdown content style I put in email was translated as text during the process of publishing.

What’s the solution?

The solutions were not ideal, but these would work if you want to use Markdown and email at once;

  1. On desktop/laptop. You could use your favourite Markdown editor then copy-paste the result into your body mail.
  2. On desktop/laptop. You could use a browser extension called Markdown Here and wrote Markdown raw in your web-based mail.
  3. On mobile phone or tablet. Well, you’re out of luck, so far. You had to use standard html style instead.

We’ll see what other options available that might solve the latest – other than using WordPress’ app, of course.

  1. Note that I did not use any WordPress’ app for the test because that would obsolete the use of mail app – and Post by Email feature – if I was on the go. 

Author: aryadn

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