Buffalo Nickel

He walked slowly toward the massive circle structure – five meter diameter with black and silver hardened steel. They called it Time Keeper. They had a name for a door – a gate. He barely smiled when he heard it for the first time. Neither when he’s about to walk through it at this very moment. Two giant support structures held it thirty centimeter above the ground. The gate opening buzzed. He knew that it was the time.

With a deafening crack, blinding light came through the gate. He covered his eyes with his hand. He felt his heart pounding fiercely. He had to enter the gate. It was his only chance to save them all and set things right. He had to go back in time.

He reached into his pocket, picking out a coin. Printed on its surface was the year of the coin, protruding as of no other image printed on the surface. It was 1999.

1999 here I come, he thought.


This post was published as response to Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s theme was Buffalo Nickel.


Author: aryadn

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