Sliced Bread

He knelt on the ground, his entire body shaking. He had never liked the leap. Every leap he made did not make him feel better. Neither this one. Soft brownish grass underneath did not comfort him. He waited long enough until he felt his blood drawing in.

He scanned the area for any other people. Am I the only one here? He dismissed his own thought. He did not know what time it was. Does time really work in a book or a dream? In front of him, a large area of smouldered earth, rocks, and grass carrying burnt smell into the air. It was a perfect circle of smouldered earth. Ten meter in diameter. It was definitely a warning sign to whomever entering the area. In the centre of the radius, on top of blackened rock, there it laid.

He walked toward it. He watched for danger as he stood beside the rock. His heart was racing. This could be it. He picked it up. It was a shimmering thick-as-blood red stone.

They said something about best thing since sliced bread. This was beyond that.

It’s a dragon egg, he thought.


This post was published as response to Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s theme was Sliced Bread.


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