Clone Wars

It looked like him. It sounded like him. But it moved faster than him. It was stronger than him. He would not have any chance to confront it, if he had to. It moved – more like glided – slowly toward him. He was about to leap of the dream but he sensed sorrow and pain from that thing. It stretched out one of its hands, pointing the index finger to his forehead. His body tensed up but he stood still on the ground. Its finger touched his head. He heard incoherent whisper, echoing in his head.

"s a v e t h e h u m a n"

Images flashed rapidly in his head, rushing through his consciousness. He felt his body shocked and numb. As the intensity increased, a high pitch sound shrieked fiercely in his head. He screamed.

His knees buckled.

Save the human, he thought and leapt of the dream.


The year was 2051. It did not remember the date but it knew that it had been almost three years since the war started. The privilege few did not clone human at physical level any longer. They cloned their mind. They built their own hell.

This post was published as response to Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s theme was Clone Wars.


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