In the face of loss, he grew his courage to test his limit. In the brink of hope, he expanded his ability. He jumped places, seeing despair and hope. It felt like jumping in the moon. He suffocated by the emptiness yet astounded by the beauty. He leapt one dream to another, finding facts. He accepted the consequences. He handed her the little boy. With a smile, he breathed out his last air.


She washed the blood from her hands. It was not her first, but she felt her hands shaking. She watched herself in the mirror, trembling. She would not find the patient zero without his help. She saved the little boy. He was the one holding the key for brighter future. He would be the one undone the mind cloning project.

She pictured his smile in hear head, his last. It sent tears to her eyes.

"Good bye", she whispered.

And the world

It was our future. The world was old. People were timed. They were bred in a tube, genetically engineered, marked as digits, pre-destined by labs. They stopped ageing at nineteen. They were then re-marked as hosts, and, once survived, re-cycled.

Privilege few lived untimed, secluded in District 11, cloning their mind to each host. Living forever by sacrificing others.


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