Think Global, Act Local

The bird hovered above the town. Its main rotor blade roared in the night. There were nobody on the street, especially when the Night Crawler watched from high above. It cried out the propaganda, loud and alarming.

Leniency to those who obey. Severity to those who resist.

The message was crystal clear. No man had ever stood up against the tyrant. A fear of its name was greater than the fear itself. It had been, until that night.


It once started at a small house, a thousand kilometre from the heart of the capital. An act of murder to a family, leaving that man as survivor. An idea brought by injustice. An idea of a country free from fear. It was contagious. It spread the world like plague. Like a droplet created big waves.


This post was published as response to Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s theme was Think Global, Act Local

Author: aryadn

blogger, microblogger, professional mining engineer, metallurgist by education, interested in mobile-street photography.