Three Perfect Shots


He felt empty inside. Words were meaningless. He was surrounded by people. They were talking to each other, yet it was just inaudible pulses of sounds to him. He looked pass through them, directly to two new – wet – mounds. He rubbed his eyes, blinked as hard as he could to control the tears.

I wish it was me, he thought.



She was lying on the hospital bed, gently rubbing her nine months pregnant belly. It was almost her due. She could feel it. Her eyes were shining in anticipation. Her heart pounded anxiously.

I am gonna be a mother, she thought.


The Doctor

I could save them both. I should have been able to save them both. What did I do wrong? What is the world going to say about this? Am I an incompetent doctor? What if …

He looked into the mirror. He saw nothing but pain.


This post was published as response to Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s theme was Three Perfect Shots


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