Me Time

It was almost dawn. Saturday morning. He did not have any sleep the night before. It was a long walk to the mountain peak. He reached his destination, a flat top level, at sunrise. It was ninety meter below the highest peak. There was a grave at the farthest end. He stepped to the edge, walked pass the mound. He looked at those hard and sharp rocks fifty meter below. He could barely see anything further below as fog blocked his visibility. 

He did not blink.  He did not feel the pain any longer. It was pure love. 

He walked back toward the grave mound. Tears dropped. He rubbed his eyes. A faint smile was on his face. He kneeled down and put the white flower on top of the mound. 

Happy fifth birthday my love, Daddy will be here for you through out the day, he whispered. 


This post was published as response to Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s theme was Me Time


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