Time Capsule

His T’Arq howled inside his mind. Its massive wings torn, dripping blood while still in the sky. A silver arrow was also in its chest. It sacrificed its life for him as he successfully killed the King.

He knew that it would be the end of his too, as his life bound to his T’Arq. The forbidden city was too far, though. He could not fly his T’Arq in time to seek the Caster.

He felt his consciousness was fading … faltering … slipping away …

A severe force congregated inside of his chest. He channeled it to his mind. He wanted to pour it to his T’Arq.

“Release me. Do not mourn me”, he heard his T’Arq spoke in his mind – a faint voices. He did not want to. But he knew that he had a far more important task to do with his last energy. Tears streaked his face.

“I will see you soon”, he whispered his mind.

He stood still on the ground. He gathered all of his energy into both of his hands. He felt his energy fading as his T’Arq dying. He poured his energy to the earth below, transferring all of them.

A new hope was about to bloom. A new beginning from the end of his and his T’Arq’s life. It was his message to the future.

He drop on his knee. A moment later he felt he was drifting into the void.





This post was published as response to Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s theme was Time Capsule.


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