32 Flavors

This was our city, the place where we have been since we were born. This was our city, under siege by the enemy since the beginning of the war. The war which we did not understand. We did not ask for it. We did not want it.

They tore our city apart. Brick by brick. Body by body.

We breathed in bleak horror out of airstrike sirens. We tasted dusty air of cold bunker. We drank terror out of rocket explosions. We slept where we wanted to be because our houses were burnt down. We lived our day as nightmare until we did not know what nightmare was.

This was our city.


This post was published as response to Daily Prompt challenge. Today’s theme was 32 Flavors.


Author: aryadn

blogger, microblogger, professional mining engineer, metallurgist by education, interested in mobile-street photography.