Bukit Asam to build two coal gasification plants

In a bid to help meet growing demand for gas in the country, state coal miner Bukit Asam (PTBA) plans to build two coal gasification plants and explore coalbeds for methane, a top company executive said. — Excerpt from The Jakarta Globe.

Coal bed methane and gas are two “commodities” which are likely to be a hit in a future to replace crude oil and coal due to massive production and reserves depletion. I think Bukit Asam is on the right track to diversify its business, but the big question would be if it’s the right time. We’ll see.

In Mongolia, you’re not just developing your company to survive but developing the country as well

Investors keen to reap the benefits of Mongolia’s untapped mineral riches have shifted their focus from copper and gold to coal, with energy-hungry neighbor China as a key customer.

Excerpt from The Jakarta Globe.

I have friends (let me call them friend) out there in northern part of Mongolia, starting up coal mining operation in an extreme weather condition, which is called MoEnCo. They told me that they have to build around 1,000 km road to mobilize their equipments. That’s major infrastructure development, I must say. I told them that they’re not just starting up a company but developing their country. And, they didn’t even know what corporate social responsibility is.

Forest moratorium puts existing and future mining projects in jeopardy

Coal and mining projects with a combined value of $14 billion could be hit by a forest moratorium that would make it harder for them to obtain land-use permits

Excerpt from The Jakarta Globe.

Environment is, no doubt, at stake, but still you won’t be able to develop your future without energy. Clean energy is indeed our future, but like it or not coal is still our main resources to feed the human’s hunger for energy.

Permits of mining firms without Amdal to be revoked

The government has threatened to revoke the business licenses of coal-mining firms operating without environmental impact analysis documents (Amdal) in Kalimantan to avert further environmental damage.

Excerpt from The Jakarta Post.

Threatened? Do we live in a jungle? Why can’t government exercise the law or any regulation on this matter?

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Mining groups may seek judicial review of 2009 Law

Article 8 of the implementing decree of Mining Law, states that the mining concession holder is prohibited from using affiliated companies for any service work unless it gets approval from the Energy Ministry.

Excerpt from The Jakarta Globe.

It’s not about price any longer, it’s cost transfer that should be detailed. However, in my opinion, there should not be any problem by using affiliated company if the Company maintain relatively reasonable range of cost.

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